Friday, December 19, 2014

Happy Holidays one and all!

As we near our 41st post-graduate year, I want to wish you a happy but safe season. Come back to us next year. Watch for another gathering, this time 1975s are hosting.

And if anyone took any pictures they don't mind sharing, please send them along. Updates too. I am happy to post updates from our classmates.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Reunion and Band Merchandise

Seasons Greetings ,

I hope you all had a fun time this summer.
And for those that could not make it hopefully this will help.

The Big News
Horse who we played at our 40th Anniversary Reunion Bash is about to release their first album/CD ever. Professionally recorded over 2 nights at the Legion Aug. 15 & 16th.

A  Double Live CD with over 90 minutes of Horse like you have never heard them before. The sound quality is first class. 

The first production run is very limited. And you are getting first chance top pre-order yours. Cost is $25/tax included

Anyone wanting to purchase a copy can pre-order now by emailing Ian Legate or by sending a private msg on Facebook 

T-Shirts, Hoodies, Ball Caps, New Lady's Line

1) Last chance to order with the CEC Reunion Logo 
  All CEC Logos will be small left Chest
2) Pre-orders must be placed by midnight Dec 3rd again by contacting Ian

Monday, August 18, 2014

HORSE, 2014 Rides again

Photo by Mark Legate
August 17, 2014
Willow Bend Motel 

Truro rocked to Horse this weekend, for the first time in four decades. Wayne was a golden-throated kid again; Doug was rolling thunder; Abbey laid down licks Clapton would envy; Layne's legend grew ever greater; Phish never broke a sweat or missed a low-end groove; Paul was a virtuoso at keyboard and t-bone; and the new kid, Kenny slid in like he'd always been there and sent rock-sax shivers down 400 spines. Were these guys from southern California, The Eagles would have opened for them.
                                                                                ~  by Jim Vibert, lifted with permission

Sunday, August 17, 2014

In Memorium

We lost so many of us too young. Thank you Heather Smith Robinson for this lovely tribute to our classmates.

In Memorium

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

and from the March of this year

I really appreciate the news, as I had not heard about the reunion. My wife and I were home to Nova Scotia this past summer and attended the Blues Festival at the Truro Raceway. 

Regrettably, another trip across Canada this summer will not work, meaning I will miss this event. 

I will continue to follow the reunion news, as it would be great to see if everyone else looks as old as me. If my plans change, I will get in touch.

If anyone wants updates, send them my way. I live just outside Saskatoon in a small town called Warman. My wife is a Saskatchewan girl, who teaches in our local elementary school. We have 3 sons, all in their 20's now. I am a labour and employment lawyer and have had an exciting career moving in and out of companies, government and private law firms.

Enjoy the reunion!

- Gordon Hamilton 

and all the way from sunny California

From James Sterling: 

Marian, Ian; as of today i am now going to be scheduled for spinal surgery in the next few weeks. It has been avoided for the last few years, however with the increased pain and decreased mobility it is now necessary. Therefore I will not be able to travel from California to Truro to attend the reunion. Any information from the reunion would be greatly appreciated. That would include any contact lists, pictures and especially a copy of our yearbook (even digital) would be appreciated. I am willing to provide funds to cover the cost of any copies.

I know I am not alone in wishing Jim the very best care and speediest recovery ever all the way from Nova Scotia. It wudda been so very kewl to see you, friend.

Greetings from our Yearbook Editor!

Just touching base to wish you and the rest of the Class of '74 a most successful reunion weekend.  I applaud your efforts to pull this off, particularly your efforts to bring back HORSE for a night at the Legion.

Regrettably, work commitments preclude me from attending the events this weekend.  I did, however, venture to Truro in early July to celebrate my mother's 90th birthday.  You may have had her as your English teacher?  I will be thinking of you all, especially on Saturday night as you listen to Broken Wings yet again.  How cool.

Please pass along my good wishes as well to members of the band, with a special hello to Wayne.  Please share with him that I remember quite clearly visiting him and some of the band at his apartment to ask permission to use their photo in the yearbook.  As the editor of the yearbook, I was thrilled they agreed to share their photo and lyrics with our class, as they did indeed occupy a special place in our lives.  See if he remembers me, please.

Again, best wishes for a successful and enjoyable weekend.


Bruce McDade 

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Friday night tickets

Please contact Ian Legate  for tickets to Friday event effective August 09, 2014. 12:00PM.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Friday, August 1, 2014

Nearly there!

We still have a few Friday night tickets (general admission) and a very few Saturday night tickets for 74s only and their guests. Paypal only (button to the right) or Interac (legateian"at"

The band has been rockin' out in rehearsals and we KNOW they'll deliver....see you at the Legion!

Friday, June 13, 2014


All tickets now $35.00 each. Friday only, unless you are a 1974 grad.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Class of 1974 40th Anniversary Reunion

Friday August 15th, 2014 – Reception – 7:00 pm – 12:00 pm

Our 40th Anniversary Reunion will kick-off with a reception in the CEC Foyer on Friday evening for Class of ‘74 members. Lots of conversation and laughs, a chance to renew old friendships, and plenty of good times! The evening will include a cash bar (wine and beer), snacks, tours of CEC, and memorabilia. A $10 admission will be collected at the door to help cover costs. Any profits will be donated to the Class of 74 Scholarship.

Class of ’74 Scholarship
– At our 2004 reunion, a Class of 1974 Scholarship was established in support of Cobequid Educational Centre’s Scholarships and Awards program. The scholarship is given on behalf of our Class to a graduating student that has demonstrated a strong commitment to CEC, either through academics, athletics, or student life. To date, almost $3,000 has been raised. This year we hope to raise another $3,000.

Please help us reach our goal! Any and all contributions will be gratefully accepted. CEC has registered charitable tax status so your generous donations would qualify for a tax credit of approximately 40%.

Please make cheques payable to: CEC SCHOLARSHIPS AND AWARDS and send to Brian Kinsman, 6 Webster Lane, Truro, N.S., B2N 1W7. Donations will also be accepted at our August 15th Reception. Tax receipts will be issued by CEC. For further information, contact Brian at

Saturday August 16th - Meet and Greet - 7-9:00PM

Enjoy cash bar and snacks for a couple of hours, a pre-game warm up! Included with your ticket to see HORSE play just for us! The guys have been gathering from all over NS, monthly to practice the tunes we knew so well.

Let's show them some support and BE THERE!

Dance from 9-1:30, cash bar. Pre-paid tickets only!

Tickets still available. $35.00 each.

Paypal accepted at the top right. (processing fee added.)

or contact for Interac or mailed payments.

Monday, May 19, 2014

We have extended the deadline for ticket sales

If you graduated in 1974, 1975 or 1976 from CEC, you can still buy your tickets at 25.00 each. Please give your year of graduation in the comments field if paying by Paypal or requesting tickets. (I will refund the difference). All other tickets will be $35.00 each.

Please make sure we have tickets available by a quick note before mailing in payment as we are close to the limit for grad tickets.

If you have already purchased tickets and want more for friends, we still have some. Let me know soon!

Friday, April 11, 2014

1975s, it is your turn now!

We have opened up ticket sales to our CEC 40th Reunion Dance to our undergrads, the class of 1975. Horse is playing August 16, 9-1:00 and we want YOU to join us. Reserve tickets only, available for $25.00 each until April 30.

Please contact me, Marian Munro, for further deets. We can take cheques, bank drafts, Interac or Paypal. Operators are standing by.....

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Paypal button

The Paypal button to the right is a gateway to Paypal's secure shopping cart. You must select the number of tickets from the drop down menu. Otherwise it defaults to 1 ticket. I also removed the tax option as these tickets are not taxable.

Sorry for any confusion.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

New dates to remember

Folks we want to remind you of some dates:

April 15, 2014 is the last date 1974 grads have exclusive choice of tickets to the Horse Dance August 16 2014

April 15 is also the first date that 1975s (our undergrads) can pick up pairs of tickets.

May 1, tickets open up to the public at a cost of $35.00 each until they are sold out, to a max of 300.

August 15, 2014 there will be a Social event hosted by Brian Kinsman at CEC. Details to follow.

Ticket prices: before May 1, 2014 $25.00each. After May 1, 2014 $35.00 each.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

The search continues

We still hope to have leads on the following people's whereabouts (as of March 30, 2014)

Pete Amirault
Carol Atkinson
Phil Bailey
David Beaudet
Linda Cameron
Eleanor Chard
Harold Corbett
Chris Creed
Kathy Creelman
Valerie Crowe
Stephen Davis
Ravinder Dayal
Rick Didsbury
Nancy Durning
Nora Edwards
Elizabeth Fisher
Bryan Hamilton
George Harrington
Maria Hilton
Sharon Hiltz
Darlene Hoare
Karen Jackson
Shawn Jackson
Grace Kellock
Debbie Knowles
Mary Lam
Peggy Leonard
Janice Lester
Audrey Miller
Marina MacIsaac
Steven MacKay
Randy McRae
Randy McCabe
Greg McCoul
Shannon McLean
Stephen McLeod
Kathy Miller
Debby Mooring
Linda Mowatt
Karen Murray
Karen Nelson
Pam Pauley
John Pyke
Lorna Purdy
Trent R. Rutherford
Paul Scott
Debbie Shaw
Alan Smith
Steven Smith
Bruce Swain
Donald Taylor
Shellie Tobin
Tina Walker
Heather Walls
Darlene Whidden
Doris White

If you are one of these people or can help us find our classmates, please contact Marian Munro through this blog.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Help us find the following people!

If you know where they are or how to contact them, please let me know soon.

Eric Algot Ogilvie
Margaret Maclean
Janet Connors
Diane Cooke
Gordie Alexander
Mike Armstrong
Sonya Allaby
Pete Amirault
Dave Armsworthy 
Carol Atkinson
Jane Babineau
Steven Baird
Ineke Bakker
Patti Barley
 Stephen Barley
Kim Barnhill
David Beaudet
Gregg Bilby
Cindy Boomer
Judy Bradley
Anne Bulmer
Kathy Butts
Norma Jane Byard
Linda Cameron
Todd Cameron
Anne Campbell
Donna Campbell
Jane Campbell
Brian Carter
Gayle Carter
Eleanor Chard
 Robert Chase
Deborah Anne Chiasson
Janice Christie
Linda Clattenburg
Wendy Clyke
Paul Coady
Janet Connors,
Diane Cooke
Bill Cooper.
Ina Crawford
Beth Cream
Chris Creed
Kathy Creelman
Phyllis Creelman
Gail Crowe
Valerie Crowe
Stephen Dadford
Glenn Daurie
Nancy Hamilton,
Sharon Hamilton
Sharon Harrett
George Harrington
Darlene Hayter
Nancy Hayter
Ross Hayter
Priscilla Higgins
Maria Hilton
Martha Hall
Sharon Hiltz
Bev Hoare
Darlene Hoare
Steven Hoare
Greg Hodges
Kathy Hollis
Karen Jackson
Shawn Jackson
Kenneth Jeffers
Becky Johnson
Grace Kellock
Heather Kirk
Debbie Knowles
Mary Lam
Barbara Lambourne
Bev Lambourne
Cathy Lane
Janet Landsburg
Debbie Leeddham
Michael Lennerton
Peggy Leonard
Janice Lester
Cindy Lynds Nolan
Don Marks
Ruthann Mason
Randy Matheson
Robin Matheson
Glen Matthews
Audrey Miller
R. T. MAcDougall
Elva MacEachern
Marina MacIsaac
Jean MacKay
Steven MacKay
Patti MacKinnon
Shannon MacLean
Betty MacLellan
Margaret McLellan,
Ron McLellan
Diane McLeod
Cindy MacMillan
Mike MacNeil
John MacNutt
Marie McNutt
Elizabeth MacQuarrie
Randy McRae
Pat McCabe
Randy McCabe
Wade McCarthy
Greg McCoul
Nancy MacAloney
Bruce McDade
Linda McEwan
Pat McEwan
Bruce McDade
Linda McEwan
Pat McEwan
Lynn McGlashing
Stephen McLeod
Larry McNutt
Kathy Miller
Sandra Millest
Valerie Mills
Ruth Mitchell
Kathy Moore
Debby Mooring
Wade Morrisey
Linda Mowatt
Karen Murray
Heather Newton
Patricia Nichols
Becky O'Donnell
Terry Oliver
Shelley O'Pray
Harin Padminathan
Pam Pauley
Susan Pearson
Betty Perrin
Lisa Phillips
John Pyke
Sterling Rae
Lorna Purdy
Glen Rath
Verna Rath
John Raymer
Debbie Richards
Margaret Ripley
Peter Rockwell
Jean Roland
Susan Rouse
Terry Rushton
Trent R. Rutherford (?)
Monica Samson Delaney
Robert Sayer
Paul Scott
Debbie Shaw
Marilyn Shaw
Mike Shipley
Alan Smith
Deb Smith
Steven Smith
Don Stephens
Myrna Sullivan
Karen Sutton
Bruce Swain
Kenny Tam
Donald Taylor
Susan Taylor
Tressa Taylor
Norma Tweed
Shellie Tobin
John VanderVelden
Tina Walker
Heather Walls
Frances Weatherbee
Jennie Wheeler
Darlene Whidden
Doris White
Tina Willigar
Clifford Wilson
Cathy Works
Cathy Works
Liz Wyllie
Vikki Yeadon

Sunday, February 23, 2014


We featured them in our yearbook and they heard our plea....40 years without was too long! They are reuniting just for us, one night only!

We'd like to see as many people home for this event from 1974 grad list. So, reserve tickets are now on sale. Please contact me for more information. I can accept mailed cheques, money orders or an email money transfer. Or if you're outside Canada, the paypal option is posted to the right.

Rawk on boys, we're coming to see you!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Horse rides again?

Do you remember the Legion dances then? Horse was their name. We honoured them in our yearbook. Would we like to have them play at our reunion? Hell ya!! Show some love then. Contact us if you want Horse to reunite just for us!