Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Help us find the following people!

If you know where they are or how to contact them, please let me know soon.

Eric Algot Ogilvie
Margaret Maclean
Janet Connors
Diane Cooke
Gordie Alexander
Mike Armstrong
Sonya Allaby
Pete Amirault
Dave Armsworthy 
Carol Atkinson
Jane Babineau
Steven Baird
Ineke Bakker
Patti Barley
 Stephen Barley
Kim Barnhill
David Beaudet
Gregg Bilby
Cindy Boomer
Judy Bradley
Anne Bulmer
Kathy Butts
Norma Jane Byard
Linda Cameron
Todd Cameron
Anne Campbell
Donna Campbell
Jane Campbell
Brian Carter
Gayle Carter
Eleanor Chard
 Robert Chase
Deborah Anne Chiasson
Janice Christie
Linda Clattenburg
Wendy Clyke
Paul Coady
Janet Connors,
Diane Cooke
Bill Cooper.
Ina Crawford
Beth Cream
Chris Creed
Kathy Creelman
Phyllis Creelman
Gail Crowe
Valerie Crowe
Stephen Dadford
Glenn Daurie
Nancy Hamilton,
Sharon Hamilton
Sharon Harrett
George Harrington
Darlene Hayter
Nancy Hayter
Ross Hayter
Priscilla Higgins
Maria Hilton
Martha Hall
Sharon Hiltz
Bev Hoare
Darlene Hoare
Steven Hoare
Greg Hodges
Kathy Hollis
Karen Jackson
Shawn Jackson
Kenneth Jeffers
Becky Johnson
Grace Kellock
Heather Kirk
Debbie Knowles
Mary Lam
Barbara Lambourne
Bev Lambourne
Cathy Lane
Janet Landsburg
Debbie Leeddham
Michael Lennerton
Peggy Leonard
Janice Lester
Cindy Lynds Nolan
Don Marks
Ruthann Mason
Randy Matheson
Robin Matheson
Glen Matthews
Audrey Miller
R. T. MAcDougall
Elva MacEachern
Marina MacIsaac
Jean MacKay
Steven MacKay
Patti MacKinnon
Shannon MacLean
Betty MacLellan
Margaret McLellan,
Ron McLellan
Diane McLeod
Cindy MacMillan
Mike MacNeil
John MacNutt
Marie McNutt
Elizabeth MacQuarrie
Randy McRae
Pat McCabe
Randy McCabe
Wade McCarthy
Greg McCoul
Nancy MacAloney
Bruce McDade
Linda McEwan
Pat McEwan
Bruce McDade
Linda McEwan
Pat McEwan
Lynn McGlashing
Stephen McLeod
Larry McNutt
Kathy Miller
Sandra Millest
Valerie Mills
Ruth Mitchell
Kathy Moore
Debby Mooring
Wade Morrisey
Linda Mowatt
Karen Murray
Heather Newton
Patricia Nichols
Becky O'Donnell
Terry Oliver
Shelley O'Pray
Harin Padminathan
Pam Pauley
Susan Pearson
Betty Perrin
Lisa Phillips
John Pyke
Sterling Rae
Lorna Purdy
Glen Rath
Verna Rath
John Raymer
Debbie Richards
Margaret Ripley
Peter Rockwell
Jean Roland
Susan Rouse
Terry Rushton
Trent R. Rutherford (?)
Monica Samson Delaney
Robert Sayer
Paul Scott
Debbie Shaw
Marilyn Shaw
Mike Shipley
Alan Smith
Deb Smith
Steven Smith
Don Stephens
Myrna Sullivan
Karen Sutton
Bruce Swain
Kenny Tam
Donald Taylor
Susan Taylor
Tressa Taylor
Norma Tweed
Shellie Tobin
John VanderVelden
Tina Walker
Heather Walls
Frances Weatherbee
Jennie Wheeler
Darlene Whidden
Doris White
Tina Willigar
Clifford Wilson
Cathy Works
Cathy Works
Liz Wyllie
Vikki Yeadon

Sunday, February 23, 2014


We featured them in our yearbook and they heard our plea....40 years without was too long! They are reuniting just for us, one night only!

We'd like to see as many people home for this event from 1974 grad list. So, reserve tickets are now on sale. Please contact me for more information. I can accept mailed cheques, money orders or an email money transfer. Or if you're outside Canada, the paypal option is posted to the right.

Rawk on boys, we're coming to see you!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Horse rides again?

Do you remember the Legion dances then? Horse was their name. We honoured them in our yearbook. Would we like to have them play at our reunion? Hell ya!! Show some love then. Contact us if you want Horse to reunite just for us!