Monday, August 18, 2014

HORSE, 2014 Rides again

Photo by Mark Legate
August 17, 2014
Willow Bend Motel 

Truro rocked to Horse this weekend, for the first time in four decades. Wayne was a golden-throated kid again; Doug was rolling thunder; Abbey laid down licks Clapton would envy; Layne's legend grew ever greater; Phish never broke a sweat or missed a low-end groove; Paul was a virtuoso at keyboard and t-bone; and the new kid, Kenny slid in like he'd always been there and sent rock-sax shivers down 400 spines. Were these guys from southern California, The Eagles would have opened for them.
                                                                                ~  by Jim Vibert, lifted with permission

Sunday, August 17, 2014

In Memorium

We lost so many of us too young. Thank you Heather Smith Robinson for this lovely tribute to our classmates.

In Memorium

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

and from the March of this year

I really appreciate the news, as I had not heard about the reunion. My wife and I were home to Nova Scotia this past summer and attended the Blues Festival at the Truro Raceway. 

Regrettably, another trip across Canada this summer will not work, meaning I will miss this event. 

I will continue to follow the reunion news, as it would be great to see if everyone else looks as old as me. If my plans change, I will get in touch.

If anyone wants updates, send them my way. I live just outside Saskatoon in a small town called Warman. My wife is a Saskatchewan girl, who teaches in our local elementary school. We have 3 sons, all in their 20's now. I am a labour and employment lawyer and have had an exciting career moving in and out of companies, government and private law firms.

Enjoy the reunion!

- Gordon Hamilton 

and all the way from sunny California

From James Sterling: 

Marian, Ian; as of today i am now going to be scheduled for spinal surgery in the next few weeks. It has been avoided for the last few years, however with the increased pain and decreased mobility it is now necessary. Therefore I will not be able to travel from California to Truro to attend the reunion. Any information from the reunion would be greatly appreciated. That would include any contact lists, pictures and especially a copy of our yearbook (even digital) would be appreciated. I am willing to provide funds to cover the cost of any copies.

I know I am not alone in wishing Jim the very best care and speediest recovery ever all the way from Nova Scotia. It wudda been so very kewl to see you, friend.

Greetings from our Yearbook Editor!

Just touching base to wish you and the rest of the Class of '74 a most successful reunion weekend.  I applaud your efforts to pull this off, particularly your efforts to bring back HORSE for a night at the Legion.

Regrettably, work commitments preclude me from attending the events this weekend.  I did, however, venture to Truro in early July to celebrate my mother's 90th birthday.  You may have had her as your English teacher?  I will be thinking of you all, especially on Saturday night as you listen to Broken Wings yet again.  How cool.

Please pass along my good wishes as well to members of the band, with a special hello to Wayne.  Please share with him that I remember quite clearly visiting him and some of the band at his apartment to ask permission to use their photo in the yearbook.  As the editor of the yearbook, I was thrilled they agreed to share their photo and lyrics with our class, as they did indeed occupy a special place in our lives.  See if he remembers me, please.

Again, best wishes for a successful and enjoyable weekend.


Bruce McDade 

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Friday night tickets

Please contact Ian Legate  for tickets to Friday event effective August 09, 2014. 12:00PM.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Friday, August 1, 2014

Nearly there!

We still have a few Friday night tickets (general admission) and a very few Saturday night tickets for 74s only and their guests. Paypal only (button to the right) or Interac (legateian"at"

The band has been rockin' out in rehearsals and we KNOW they'll deliver....see you at the Legion!