Saturday, March 15, 2014

The search continues

We still hope to have leads on the following people's whereabouts (as of March 30, 2014)

Pete Amirault
Carol Atkinson
Phil Bailey
David Beaudet
Linda Cameron
Eleanor Chard
Harold Corbett
Chris Creed
Kathy Creelman
Valerie Crowe
Stephen Davis
Ravinder Dayal
Rick Didsbury
Nancy Durning
Nora Edwards
Elizabeth Fisher
Bryan Hamilton
George Harrington
Maria Hilton
Sharon Hiltz
Darlene Hoare
Karen Jackson
Shawn Jackson
Grace Kellock
Debbie Knowles
Mary Lam
Peggy Leonard
Janice Lester
Audrey Miller
Marina MacIsaac
Steven MacKay
Randy McRae
Randy McCabe
Greg McCoul
Shannon McLean
Stephen McLeod
Kathy Miller
Debby Mooring
Linda Mowatt
Karen Murray
Karen Nelson
Pam Pauley
John Pyke
Lorna Purdy
Trent R. Rutherford
Paul Scott
Debbie Shaw
Alan Smith
Steven Smith
Bruce Swain
Donald Taylor
Shellie Tobin
Tina Walker
Heather Walls
Darlene Whidden
Doris White

If you are one of these people or can help us find our classmates, please contact Marian Munro through this blog.

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  1. Please remember that many of the women may have married names now. The names above are as they appeared in the yearbook, 1974.