Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Greetings from our Yearbook Editor!

Just touching base to wish you and the rest of the Class of '74 a most successful reunion weekend.  I applaud your efforts to pull this off, particularly your efforts to bring back HORSE for a night at the Legion.

Regrettably, work commitments preclude me from attending the events this weekend.  I did, however, venture to Truro in early July to celebrate my mother's 90th birthday.  You may have had her as your English teacher?  I will be thinking of you all, especially on Saturday night as you listen to Broken Wings yet again.  How cool.

Please pass along my good wishes as well to members of the band, with a special hello to Wayne.  Please share with him that I remember quite clearly visiting him and some of the band at his apartment to ask permission to use their photo in the yearbook.  As the editor of the yearbook, I was thrilled they agreed to share their photo and lyrics with our class, as they did indeed occupy a special place in our lives.  See if he remembers me, please.

Again, best wishes for a successful and enjoyable weekend.


Bruce McDade 

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  1. Hey Bruce I just saw this , Ha!
    And I just emailed it to Wayne
    (I forgot to tell him when we spoke :)
    Take care my friend,
    Where are you BTW?